All of our customer testimonials can be seen
in their handwriting on our appreciation wall at Gene’s Tires.

Hi Mike and everyone!
Thank you for helping me out so quickly and readily on Saturday.
I was in a fix, for sure. Thank Gino for taking good care of me. It was just a quick fill up of brake fluid but a swift end to my anxious moments. Everyone at Gene’s is wonderful and you are not only great professionals but precious friends.

A note of appreciation to you folks for the excellent service rendered on my behalf during my recent visit for tire service.
The extra time and consideration involved indicates you are willing to go the last mile for customer service.

Dear Mike,
Thank you to you and your team for my recent outstanding service while in Beaver Dam. Finding the right tires for my BMW 530xi on no-notice on a Saturday morning was no easy task, but you managed to find them and mount them in just a few hours.
My family and I made it safely back to the St. louis area the following Monday morning thanks to you and your folks. Thanks again for getting me in with no appointment and for your assistance and friendly service

Dear Gene’s Team,
Thank you for your consistent, fast & friendly service.

A thank you for all you’ve done at a last minute change of mind and getting the Job done. Your office staff was very good over the phone, and not pushie in getting me in and out and that was nice.
Again i thank Genes workers in and out of the office.

To all at Gene’s Tires,
Workers and office staff, I thank you for your fast work and good job on my van. Also I thank you for the early appointment at the last minute call in. You all are very nice people

Mike, Dave and everyone at Gene’s
Thanks for getting my car back on the road. I really appreciate knowing I can trust you to be fair and fast. You guys are the best!

Thank you for going out of your way so I could go on my way!! I made it to my destination in 8 1/2 hrs – 460 miles, safely. Thank You

To the crew at Gene’s Tires,
Well I’ve made it. Surprisingly, my car made the 1200+ trip to Florida with no problems. Enclosed are 2 pictures. The first is a picture of how packed my car was and the second is my car after the trip. (Pictures of her 91 Escort showing the vehicle loaded to the roof except for the drivers seat.) Thank you so much for the quality work ya’ll put into my car. Because of that, my car is in 145,844 miles and still running. Once again, Thank You.
Your most faithful customer, Ashley.

Hello, I came in because some kind soul tried to help me put air in my tire and brke the stem valve off. Remember me? I just wanted to thank all of you @ Gene’s for helping out on such short notice. You can definitely count on me & my husband coming back… You all were great and very kind. I’ve been told that you’re the best in town and now I’ve got to see it first hand.

Thanks to Gene’s Tires,
The custom exhaust, and tires, and wheel balancing worked flawlessly.